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Special Announcement Regarding Graphics of the Americas

FAIRFAX, Va. – September 27, 2018 – The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) has purchased the printing trade show Graphics of the Americas (GOA) from the Florida Graphics Alliance (FGA) (formerly the Printing Association of Florida). Following a transition period, GOA will relaunch in Feb. 2020 in Miami Beach, Fla. SGIA acquired the show in Aug. 2018. “GOA has a long history of bringing together an audience of exhibitors and attendees from North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. These markets, though distinctly different in many aspects, are vital players in the larger printing community, and are of critical interest to the supplier members of SGIA,” said Ford Bowers, President & CEO, SGIA. Over the next 18 months, SGIA and FGA will transition GOA to its new ownership and redefine it as an integral part of the calendar of events in the printing industry with high value for attendees and exhibitors. FGA President Gabe Hernandez said, “The printing industry is even more interconnected now, and on many different levels, than in past years. FGA has long desired to make sure that GOA continues as a venue of high value across a range of printing segments and communities. SGIA has the reach, vision and resources to accomplish this and we are happy to be working with them to ensure GOA’s success and growth into the future.” Graphics of the Americas will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Feb. 13-15, 2020. More details will be available in early 2019.

Don't lose your Grip with our Spooktacular Grippers!

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Gripper Fingers
A.B. Dick
350 . 360 . 385 . 9800 standard & 1 to 1
use: P-361020

1250 . 1330 . 1360 . 1850 . 1960
use: P-151020

500 . 501 . 502 . 600 . 700 . 700P . 701 . 701P
2MM hole use: D-88-2518-01-2MM
901 | use: C-117-006727D

500CDA . 600 . 800DX . 800SX
700CD | use: P-661020

1250 . 1330 . 1360 . 1850 . 1960
use: P-121020

2700 & 3200 | use: P-271020
3302 | use: P-331020

Gripper Fingers
Feed Gripper
GTO 46 / 52 . K-series . M-series
use: HE-46212

Gripper Fingers
GTO 46 / 52 . KOR . KORA
KORD 62 / 64 . KORS
use: HE-521020 w/ Urethane
HE-521050 NO Urethane

use: HE-M01020 w/ Urethane
HE-M01050 NO Urethane
reversing gripper use: HE-721020

use: HE-721020
reversing gripper use: HE-721020

QM46DI use: HE-461020QMDI

TOK | use: HE-T01020
*this is just a sample of our inventory, we have over 100,000 Replacement Parts, Rollers, & Consumables in stock for numerous Printing Presses & Pressroom Equipment.
if you do not see the part you are looking for we can always cross reference the OEM part number.
800-444-4338 or 847-288-9000, if located outside of the US

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Account Executive
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Franklin Park, Il. June 12, 2014

Printer's Repair Parts, Inc. (PRP) Announces Acquisition of Duroweave Dampening Covers .

Today, Printer's Repair Parts, Inc. (PRP) announced the acquisition of Duroweave Dampening Covers from Novatech Graphic Industries, enabling PRP to immediately start manufacturing and distributing this premium brand molleton dampening cover for offset presses.

“We are excited to bring the Duroweave brand cover back. We have already shipped all of our pending orders, and anticipate being in full production by the end of June. We have been selling the Duroweave cover since the 1980’s, and did not want to see the demise of this premium, high quality cover. Duroweave has been one of the highest quality covers in the market for decades, and a staple to so many printers,” said Ken Schelberger, Vice President at Printer's Repair Parts, Inc. (PRP).

Positive Customer Impact

Duroweave, one of the most popular sheared surface covers, utilizes modern, high-speed knitting equipment to efficiently produce Duroweave covers, which offers a highly absorbent sheared surface, and is available in prepackaged cut lengths with drawstrings for all duplicators, small web, and sheet-fed presses, as well as roll material. Our products are marketed under the brand name Duroweave.

Duroweave Dampening Covers

Sheared 100% synthetic fiber composition: Our use of premium synthetic yarns ensures that our products will enhance the quality of the printed piece as well as increase the productivity of the press and operator alike. Sheared, velour-like pile surface and seamless construction provide pattern free printing. Water absorption and retention is far superior to non-sheared, loop surface covers. Evenly sheared surface height permits reduced roller-to-plate pressure settings, extending plate life and improving image quality.

Shrinks tight when wet for the first time: The surface pile fibers are bound tight by the shrinking base yarn. Linting or fiber separation is non-existent from the start... no break-in period! Increased productivity with uninterrupted printing: No need to stop the press to clean fiber buildup on the plate, blanket, or rollers. No creeping, twisting, or “walking” off the roller, even at high speeds.

Washes clean with hot tap water: Covers may be cleaned between jobs or at the end of the day in just one minute or less. No solvents, manual scrubbing, or specialized cleaning machinery is required, just hot water. Fast, simple maintenance makes Duroweave covers last for months. Reduces dampening costs by 50% or more! Go from black ink to yellow ink, or any other light color, without having to change covers.

For over 40 years, Printer's Repair Parts, Inc. (PRP) has been the worldwide leader and innovator in replacements parts for offset printing equipment. The company offers a wide range of products and services for offset and letterpress presses, such as, Heidelberg, Komori, Man-Roland, Ryobi, AB Dick, Hamada, Multilith, Toko, Townsend T-51, ATF-Chief, and Davidson.




For more information on Duroweave Dampening Covers contact:

Ken Schelberger 847-288-9000 [email protected]


Franklin Park, Il. February 1st 2013

Printer's Repair Parts acquires certain assets and rights of Arizona Press Parts .

For more information contact: Ken Schelberger 847-288-9000 or email [email protected].


Franklin Park, Il. September 24th, 2010

Printer's Repair Parts acquires parts inventory from Townsend Industries, manufacturer of the T-51 Second Color Head. Franklin Park, IL, September 27, 2010:

Printer's Repair Parts Inc. (PRP) is proud to announce the acquisition of the complete parts inventory, blueprints, intellectual property, molds, fixtures, website, and customer list from Townsend Industries, manufacturer of the T- 51 Second Color Head. For over fifty years, Townsend Industries has been manufacturing the T-51, commonly called T-Head, for the small offset press market, which includes AB Dick, ATF-Chief, Itek, Multilith, Ryobi, Toko/Proprint, Heidelberg TOK, GTO46 and GTO52.

Printer's Repair Parts Inc., one of the first independent aftermarket press parts manufacturers, began selling their replacements parts for AB Dick, ATF-Chief, Davidson, Gestetner, and Multilith in 1970. Ever expanding, PRP began manufacturing parts for Hamada, Itek, Ryobi, and in the early 1990's entered into the Heidelberg sheetfed offset, and Windmill letterpress parts line, and recently is now selling parts for Komori and Man Roland.

For forty years, PRP has been a leader and innovator in the replacement parts market, and continues to be at the forefront of their field. We know that this acquisition will be mutually beneficial for our current and future customers, and we want to assure you that the quality you have come to expect from Townsend Industries will continue for years to come. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past business with Townsend Industries, and we look forward to supplying you with all your T-51, and offset press parts in the future. We invite you to stop by our booth #3854 at Graph Expo in Chicago, IL. October 3, 2010 through October 6, 2010.


For more information contact:

Ken Schelberger 847-288-9000 or email [email protected].

Franklin Park, Il. February 19th, 2010

Printer's Repair Parts expands product offerings with Komori and Manroland offset press parts.

Printer's Repair Parts will be showcasing parts for Komori and Manroland offset presses at this years Graphics of the Americas in Miami. You may also download a PDF with pictures and part numbers of the new items we have added. Komori/Manroland PDF

Franklin Park, Il. January 25th, 2010

Printer's Repair Parts will be showcasing all products at Miami Florida's "Graphics of the Americas" . For more information go to.

Franklin Park, Il. July 12th, 2006

Printer's Repair Parts Releases new Heidelberg® spare parts catalogue. Printer's Repair Parts is proud to release the 2006 Heidelberg Parts Catalogue. In this new release, we have many new items as well as enhanced digital photos of each item. The catalogue is completely free and can be downloaded from here. Heidelberg Catalog Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

Franklin Park, Il. January 20th, 2006 goes live with secure online shopping system. In addition to looking up items and pricing, registered customers may now place web orders online.


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